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About Robin Redman

I help businesses stand out by crafting creative, authentic logos and graphics that bring their vision to life.


I love connecting with clients who love what they do, and helping them elevate the look of their brand to the next level. My process includes close communication, attention to detail, and putting a great deal of thought into our work together.

I am inspired by travel, nature, and other artists, and I love watercolor painting, helping others, and being present with family and friends. I'm a helper, do-er, creator, thinker, and feeler; analytical and yet abstract. I like to think that's what makes me a well-rounded designer, as you'll see all of those facets come into play as we work together.

Before starting my business in 2014, I worked as a designer on marketing, advertising, and commercial print teams. I'm so grateful for the experience I gained and the amazing people I worked with who helped shape me into who I am today.


I also believe in community and the importance of involvement, so when I'm not creating, you'll find me serving on various committees, or having coffee with friends for a deep-diving brainstorming session.

My family and I live in Lakefield, a sweet tiny town in southwest Minnesota.

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My Mission: To connect businesses with their vision, bringing their brand to life by creating designs that are authentic and instantly recognizable.

What's the next venture you're diving into? Get in touch! I'd love to hear about it and be part of helping you launch what you love.

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