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budget package

If budget is a critical factor, if you have an existing logo that you need a high-quality version of, OR if you have a clear vision of a basic logo that you just need digitized, this is the package for you. Send me whatever files you have, or sketches or example images of what you want, and I’ll be happy to take 1-2 hours to create it. The final cost will be $100-150. If we have more than 3 sets of revisions, that’s no problem, but $100/hour will apply for the additional editing time. My goal is to end up with a logo you love while keeping the financial aspect fair for both of us. :)

middle of the road

If you are in need of a more complex logo, or don’t know exactly what you want yet and budget is also an important factor, this package is for you. We’ll work together to hone in on the details to get started, and keep the cost around $250-300. Again, if we have more than 3 sets of revisions, that’s no problem, but $100/hour will apply for the additional editing time.

divine design

You know who you are. You are passionate about what you do, you’ve had a soulful vision of a logo or a whole brand identity, and you can’t wait to see it come to life. This is my calling; MY passion. To give your vision a form and a composition that you are IN LOVE WITH and will use to further your calling and your purpose. Cost is not as important to you as investing into an artistic creation that you know I will put my heart and soul into for however much time it takes to get it just right.

I have an intuition I can’t explain for seeing when people have found their calling and helping them to create a visual identity for it. It’s like a sacred knack.

We just start by having a conversation; by phone, text, email, or in person – whatever you are most comfortable with and feel like you can best explain yourself. Whether you just have words to describe what you’re envisioning or visual examples you’ve seen that inspire you, I want to hear and/or see it all. From there, I’ll create some initial proofs to show you, and then we’ll go back and forth making edits until it’s perfect. Rest assured this process does not annoy me – I want the final version to be a brand that you are IN LOVE with. 

The cost is $100 per hour for my time. There’s no way to estimate how long it will take; sometimes logo creation takes 2 hours, sometimes it takes 20. Often it’s around 5-7, but I can’t guarantee that. This is not a templated process; it’s a divine unfolding that may take some time. 

robinredman-06819 web_edited.jpg

Get in touch today - I'd love to get started helping you bring your vision to life. 

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